A Taste of North Carolina


  • Bertie County Peanuts, a "Blister Fried" cocktail peanut from Windsor, NC.
  • Durham Toffee, Unbelievably buttery, covered in thick layer of espresso-infused dark chocolate, and topped with a smattering of crunchy almonds, this addictive sweet treat is handmade in Durham by home baker-turned-entrepreneur Rebecca Burnett.
  • Classic State North Carolina Shape cookie cutter.
  • Big Spoon Roasters Cherry Chocolate, handcrafted peanut butter bar and as well as nut butters made in Durham, NC.
  • Chapel Hill Toffee, perfecting moms recipe using pecans and dark chocolate made in Chapel Hill.
  • Ritchie Hill Cheese Straws-Produced in a historic creamery in downtown Concord from a 100-year old family recipe.
  • Peggy Rose's Hot Pepper Jelly made since 1976 with fresh premium products based out of Wake Forest, NC.
  • North Carolina shaped basket is 17'.