BBQ T-shirt Tray


  • Redneck BBQ Lab Barbecue Sauce and All Purpose Rub: Made in Benson, this sauce merges eastern and western NC barbecue sauce styles in what they call the "Great Carolina Compromise." It's perfect blend that is sure to satisfy all discerning palates.
  • Bull City Pig Rub: Made in Chapel Hill, this is an award winning spicy rub that comes from the passion for true-wood smoked BBQ made by "old school" cooking styles "low and slow" from college journey to present.
  • Carolina Gold BBQ is apart of the Triangle's oldest brewery with South Carolina's style of BBQ flavor.
  • Classic State Bottle Opener with the cork center representing NC.
  • I Like Big Butts T-shirt: representing for your Summer BBQ cookouts, comes In Black, Red, Blue in sizes M-3XL.