Recipe: Coke 'n' Peanuts Sheet Cake

Inspired by the classic southern combo of salted peanuts poured in ice-cold cola, we made an insanely good Coke 'n' Peanuts Sheet Cake featuring one of our most popular snacks: Mount Olive FUMC Peanuts.

Serving Suggestion: 3 Apps in a Box

Our Cross Creek Gift Box is a thoughtful gift for any holiday party you're invited to this season, demonstrating gratitude + good taste, while providing 3 easy hors d'oeuvres the host can serve right out of the box.

Mount Olive FUMC Blister-Fried Peanuts

The congregation of Mt Olive First United Methodist Church has been cooking peanuts in their church kitchen since 1965. Since then, the operation has grown to a 15 member "Peanut Crew," and their salty, crunchy nuts are for sale in shops from New York City to Portland, and they are available in NC MADE gift boxes (of course!).

June 08, 2014 by Nicole Bogas