12 Ways to Use Vesta Dry Hot Sauce

10 Ways to Use Vesta Dry Hot Sauce - Deviled Eggs

This unique hot "sauce," produced by Benny T in Raleigh using fresh North Carolina-grown chile peppers, is shaken not slathered, and it tastes great on pretty much anything you're looking to add a spicy kick to. Here are 12 serving suggestions we're pretty excited about:

1 - dust deviled eggs (pictured above) 
2 - stir into sautéed garlic kale
3 - sprinkle on avocado toast (duh)
4 - blacken shrimp
5 - scramble with eggs
6 - toss over popcorn
7 - top mac-n-cheese
8 - scatter across olive oil for bread dipping
9 - shake over nachos
10 - blend into ground beef burgers
11 - spice up chicken parm
12 - PIZZA 

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March 06, 2018 by Cathleen Cueto
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