Blue Blaze Soda & Syrup Co.

On the Appalachian Trail, blue blazes lead to a water source. Jackson Anderson wanted his soda syrups to be the path you choose for refreshment, so he chose Blue Blaze Soda & Syrup Co as the name for his Asheville-based venture.

Jackson produces his unique soda syrups at the Blue Ridge Food Ventures commercial kitchen in Candler. He cooks down whole ingredients like birch bark, ginger, fruits, and local honey into syrups that can be mixed with carbonated water to create flavored soda or with spirits and other mixers to create unique cocktails.

One 12-oz soda made with Blue Blaze syrup only has about a tablespoon of sugar in it.  The syrups get their flavor from the quality of their ingredients; this means Jackson doesn't need to depend on a lot of sugar when formulating his recipes.

We're featuring the Honey Ginger Ale flavor made with western NC honey in NC MADE boxes like our Old North State Cocktail Box and Longleaf Box. This syrup can be used to make soda, cocktails or can even glaze meats, like pork. To make soda, combine one ounce of your syrup with 12 ounces of carbonated water. Check out this link for a bunch of tasty cocktail ideas using ginger syrup.

April 30, 2014 by Nicole Bogas
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