9 Ways to Use Two Chicks Farm Pepper Jelly

Pepper Jelly is a southern pantry staple that most of us grew up seeing slathered across a block of cream cheese and spread on a buttery Ritz. Ahh but there's so much more to this sweet, tangy preserve than the party platters of our youth. Two Chicks Farm Mild Pepper Jelly is our favorite way to add an unexpected twist to sweet and savory recipes, and while the possibilities are really endless, here are our 9 quick takes:  

1 - Ol' Reliable Cream Cheese and Pepper Jelly on Pretzel Crackers (BOOM)
2 - Goat Cheese Cardamom Cheesecake with Pepper Jelly Swirl
3 - Thanksgiving-style Turkey Sandwich (Replace cranberry sauce with pepper jelly. Trust.)
4 - Pepper Jelly Rugelach 
5 - PB&PJ (Believe it!) 
6 - Pepper Jelly Glaze over a Nice Pork Loin
7 - Better than Duck Sauce on Egg Rolls
8 - Spicy Cheddar Pepper Jelly Thumbprint Cookies
9 - Plopped on a Latke (pictured above)

You can find a jar of Two Chicks Farm Mild Pepper Jelly inside every Live Oak Gift Crate sold on ncmade.net. 

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February 07, 2019 by Cathleen Cueto
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