North Carolina Barbecue Box


Please Note: We may make substitutions for some pictured products that are of equal or greater value. 

The great North Carolina barbecue debate wages on, but we're just here to enjoy the wood-smoked pork and vinegary sauce. This box doesn't pick sides, so it includes:

  • Souse Barbecue Sauce: Representing the eastern style, this vinegar and pepper sauce adds tartness to cut through the richness of wood-smoked whole hog barbecue. 
  • Redneck BBQ Lab Barbecue Sauce: Made in Benson, this sauce merges eastern and western NC barbecue sauce styles in what they call the "Great Carolina Compromise." It's the perfect blend that is sure to satisfy all discerning palates.
  • Atkinson Mill Sweet Betsy Hushpuppy Mix: You can't have barbecue without a corn meal-based side. The most common is hushpuppies, and we love this sweet onion-y mix you can make at home.
  • I Like Big Butts Apron: The Perfect conversation Starter.
  • Cackalacky Peanuts: Made in Pittsboro, NC Seasoned Peanuts are super extra-large kiln-roasted NC-grown Peanuts that are lightly Sweetened With Real Beer Flavor and Finished off their secret sauce blend of Cackalacky Barbecue Spices

This gift box is carefully hand-packed in our beautiful NC MADE packaging and includes an information sheet describing each product plus an optional handwritten greeting card.